There is a common notion that surrounds marriages and prenuptial agreements – many people think that once two people sign a prenuptial agreement before they are married, they have also agreed that the marriage will not last and that one or both of the partners cannot be trusted. According to our prenuptial agreement attorneys, this is simply not the case.

Prenuptial agreements have been formed to protect both spouses in the event of divorce. Instead of viewing a prenuptial as a harbinger of a doomed marriage, couples should instead view it as an insurance policy that will help protect them from the increasing likelihood of divorce.

Looking at Divorce Statistics

You and your spouse should consider the staggering statistics that surround marriage and divorce. Studies have shown:

  • For every 5 couples that are married, about 2 couples become divorced
  • More than half of divorce cases involve children and custody
  • 40% of marriages are projected to end in divorce

Prenuptial Protection

The main goal of a prenuptial agreement is to protect. One of the most important things that must be protected is ownership of property. California’s prenuptial laws protect couples from losing property that belonged to each party before the marriage. They also stipulate how this property will be distributed or transferred in the event of divorce or death. Couples may also determine how life insurance benefits will be handled in the event somebody dies.

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