Somehow most of us never see divorce coming until it’s staring us right in the face, impossible to avoid. Consequently very few people are actually prepared in advance for what’s going to happen next once that divorce process starts rolling along. Of course the person who initiates the divorce has a slight advantage, because there’s no element of surprise to catch them unawares.

Being prepared is a really essential. At every stage of the divorce process, you need to be performing at your optimum level. Now, that’s very easy to say, but when you take into account the emotional strain that usually accompanies divorce, coupled with serious concerns about finances and throw maybe just a little anger into the mix for good measure, in practice not everyone can play a steady hand in the court room. Having a lawyer is definitely going to be a big help to you, because the lawyer assumes the responsibility for getting things done.

Actually, for you, the best thing is to give your best impression of the “strong silent type”, because what ruins people’s chances is usually that they say too much, or they say it in the wrong way. Letting your lawyer handle it all is the sensible way to go.

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Even if you think that your divorce is going to go smoothly and that there’s no way your ex would try to pull a fast one, you’d be amazed how often double-crosses occur. People come to agreements between themselves and then walk away satisfied that the other party will keep their word.

Well, hey… big news, but marriage vows are about the strongest sort of promise anyone can make, and if somebody is prepared to break those, then it’s not much of a jump to believe they might backslide on a deal concerning the divorce, particularly when it comes to division of assets or who gets custody of the kids.

So it pays to be cautious with how much you’re going to trust the person who is about to put asunder what they once swore to uphold forever, or at least for as long as you both shall live. That doesn’t sound like a very good basis for trust. That doesn’t mean divorce is wrong. In fact sometimes it is very right, perhaps the most correct action you can possibly take. It’s just that once you take the plunge, you can’t be doing things by half measures. You have to make a full commitment, and that certainly includes a dissolution of trust between the two of you, at least until after the dust has settled on the divorce.

Instead put your trust in your lawyer and be sure to tell them everything that could be helpful to having the divorce resolved in a way that is fair and favorable to you.