Getting a divorce is a really big step in your life, at least as big as getting married in the first place, and in some ways it will have a lot more impact on your life and the lives of the people you know. It’s certainly not something you should do on a whim, or while in the grip of a moment of anger. Divorce should be something you prepare for and plan, except in those cases where there’s imminent danger if you were to remain married to the person you are divorcing.

Divorce is never instant, even when both parties agree that they want to divorce. There is a process that must be gone through, and it takes time. Until the divorce is final, neither party is able to remarry, and there may be certain legal rights and privileges that can be assumed by either of them unless specific legal safeguards have already been established with the help of a spousal support attorney.

There are two sides to every divorce story, and both sides will normally get to have their say. What can often make the difference between winning and losing is what actually gets said. Oceanside divorce and spousal support lawyers Fischer & Van Thiel indicated that the best way to handle any divorce situation is to turn over full authority to your attorney and let them handle everything on your behalf. The more you say or do on your own behalf, the greater the chance that you could harm your position in the divorce process.

In Oceanside, divorces are not uncommon, in part due to the proximity to nearby military bases such as Camp Pendleton, and in part due to the higher-than-average income earned by the majority of residents. While studies have shown that serving male military personnel are less likely than civilians to seek divorce while serving (due to military incentives to remain married), they also show that they are more likely to seek divorce upon exiting service. The studies also show that women serving in the military are actually more likely than civilians to seek divorce while still in service.

As it is the case that most living in the Oceanside area have higher incomes than the average Californian household, it also means there’s potentially more at stake when it comes to divorce. With high value assets and high land values, high earnings, and so on, alimony and the division of assets are going to be serious concerns. It’s important to have a lawyer working on your side to ensure that your share of any assets is protected and that the amount of alimony that is awarded will be a fair amount.

To this end, it will help if you provide as much detail to your lawyer as you can about the full financial position of yourself and your former spouse. If you can afford it, hiring somebody to investigate the finances of the person you are divorcing can sometimes prove to be a sound investment. Above all, it’s important not to do or say anything that might make you appear in a negative light. Put trust in your attorney and you’ll have the best chance of a good outcome.