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Advocating for the Best Interests of Your Children

When separated parents have minor children, the issue of child custody can be one of the most emotionally contentious phases of their divorce. Parents generally want to have a great relationship with their children, and a custodial arrangement that limits access between them can place that relationship in peril.

Fortunately, a Vista child custody attorney from Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP can advocate for you and your children’s best interests during custody proceedings. Whether you are going through a divorce, legal separation, or are an unmarried parent, you should consult an experienced attorney about your legal rights and options.

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Child Custody Proceedings & Issues

In California, the law is concerned with providing children with situations that promote or preserve their best interests. California courts make child custody determinations based on an assessment of circumstances related to a child’s best interests. The parent’s interests are inconsequential to a child custody determination, to the extent that those interests are irrelevant or subordinate to the health, safety, and wellbeing of their child.

Because the State of California has a significant governmental interest in protecting the welfare of children, various legal issues intersect with child custody proceedings.

At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we can advise you on the following common child custody issues:

  • Legal Custody: An aspect of custody involving a parent’s rights and responsibilities to make legal decision on behalf of their child.
  • Physical Custody: An aspect of custody regarding a parent’s rights and duties for living with their child.
  • Sole Custody: A custody arrangement where one parent has all or most rights regarding legal and/or physical custody.
  • Joint Custody: A custody arrangement where both parents share roughly equal levels of legal and physical custody.
  • Family Court Services Custody Evaluations: A preliminary proceeding where a professional evaluates the parent-child relationship and the child’s environment and makes a specific recommendation as to the custody arrangement.
  • Court-ordered Counseling: In certain family situations, particularly those involving a history of domestic violence or abuse, a court can order mental-health counseling for the parties and their child.
  • Custody Modifications: Sometimes, a material change in circumstances will render a court’s orders on custody inapplicable. In such cases, we can help modify the terms of a custody order to better suit your child’s best interest in light of the new circumstances.

Get Quality Advice from Our Vista Child Custody Attorneys

To help secure your legal rights with regard to caring for your child and fostering a continued healthy relationship with them, you should reach out to an experienced Vista child custody attorney for legal representation. At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, our legal team is committed to helping Southern California residents and their families find effect resolutions to their custody disputes.

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