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Remarriage and Alimony Payments

Remarriage and Alimony Payments

In a divorce proceeding, alimony may be granted to one of the spouses. Alimony requires the wealthier partner to financially support the dependent partner through periodic payments. This arrangement often continues until the financial situation of the dependent partner changes. The remarriage of the alimony recipient can alter the conditions of alimony payments.

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Does Remarriage Nullify an Alimony Agreement?

Different alimony contracts have different clauses. Certain types of payments, such as child support, may be unaffected by remarriage. In some cases, however, all payments may be subject to modification. The specific circumstances of your alimony agreement will determine how remarriage affects your payments. Remarriage can provide a basis for:

  • Ceasing alimony payments
  • Decreasing the amount of alimony owed
  • Altering the frequency of alimony

Generally, these changes do not take effect automatically upon remarriage. One or both ex-spouses may need to take action to revise the alimony agreement in accordance with new financial realities. This process can be complicated and will require case-specific solutions. An experienced spousal support lawyer may be able to ease the transition into a new alimony agreement.

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