How is child custody decided?
  • When determining which party gets custody of the child, the court must act “in the best interest of the child(ren).” In most instances, this means that the parents will have joint custody of the youth. In these cases, the parents share time spent with the children and make joint decisions about the children’s education and… Read More
Can my child be left in the child custody of an unfit grandmother?
  • My son was in his grandmother’s custody when he was about a year old. His mother had left town for nine months and I had him every weekend for visitation. The grandmother had to go into a mental institution at one point and my son was taken from her and almost put into… Read More
What rights will I have as stepmom of joint custody children in California?
  • I am marrying my boyfriend in March, and he has two children, who I adore. Will I have any rights to the kids as stepmom if my boyfriend and his ex share custody? Being a stepparent does not confer any rights or impose any duties. Any support a stepparent provides to a… Read More