How is child custody decided?
  • When determining which party gets custody of the child, the court must act “in the best interest of the child(ren).” In most instances, this means that the parents will have joint custody of the youth. In these cases, the parents share time spent with the children and make joint decisions about the children’s education and… Read More
Can a wife get a house after getting a divorce?
  • If my husband purchased the house and we are going to get a divorce, can I still be entitled to the house? It depends on many factors. In California, any assets purchased during marriage is presumed to be community property. If it is in fact community property than you will be entitled… Read More
When parents have joint custody, do both need to approve of a child moving out of state for school?
  • When parents are divorced and have equal and joint custody of their child, does a child need both parents approval in order to go away to something like a private school or college prep school? It is a boarding school scenario. If the child does need the approval of both parents, then can… Read More