Can a spouse with a mental disability be granted child custody?
  • Can a disabled spouse who has a mental disability retain legal joint custody of the children? The father is on SSDI with mental issues and has a recent felony, and the mother is full time employed. When deciding custody and visitation issues, the court uses the “best interests” of the child… Read More
Can I deny visitation even though we have no child custody agreement?
  • Me and my ex-boyfriend have no legal custody agreement for our four month old. I am the custodial parent, and he signed the birth certificate and now wants a DNA test. Can I deny him visitation, and if I do will it reflect badly on me in court later? If there… Read More
Who has legal jurisdiction in my child custody case?
  • My boyfriend and I lived in the state of Nevada. Our son was two months old when I came to California. When my son was 4 months old my boyfriend decided to move out to California. Two months later things didn’t work out and my ex moved back to Nevada. Immediately I filed… Read More