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Even if a couple is divorcing under amicable terms, they still need assistance when it comes to the division of their property. Property division is one of the most important steps in a divorce, and it must be resolved before the signing of any final papers. Having a property division attorney provide counsel for mediation or litigation will help spouses navigate the raw emotion and other complications associated with dividing property.

Several factors may influence property division including:

  • Fault on the part of either spouse for the divorce
  • Loss of compensation because of the divorce
  • Which spouse makes the most money
  • The ability of either spouse to work
  • Amount of property being divided
  • Which spouse has custody of any children from the marriage

Every attorney at Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP knows that property division can be difficult, so we advocate relentlessly for our clients. By hiring our team of San Marcos property division attorneys, you can be certain that your interests are being represented at the negotiation table or in the courtroom. Whatever your desired outcome, we’ll counsel you on the best way to get what you need out of your divorce.

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Property Division Agreements

Property division can present a multitude of issues, especially if a couple is divorcing after a long-term marriage. Agreements create provisions for the division of assets and debts accumulated during a marriage. Because property division typically deals with items that have a lot of value or possibly involves considerable debt, an experienced family attorney can help make sure both parties are getting a fair agreement.

In the state of California, the assets that must be divided include:

  • The wages of either spouse
  • Income earned by businesses
  • Any homes, furniture, or major assets purchased during the marriage

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We are ready to help you through this difficult moment. We know it isn’t pleasant deciding who gets what after a marriage is over, but an equitable, rational outcome is vital to your future. Our San Marcos property division lawyers strive to make the process as fair and simple as possible for our clients. We will never settle for less than what our clients deserve and are prepared to fight until our clients get a fair share of the marriage’s assets.

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