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Extramarital Affairs & Adultery are a Primary Cause of Divorce

Divorce Due to Workplace Affairs Can Lead to Conflicts of Interest

Adultery is an unfortunate fact of life. It is one of the primary causes of divorce, and in some places (including nearly two dozen US states) it is technically a crime. The effects of adultery on a relationship can be disastrous. When an extramarital affair occurs within a workplace, the consequences can extend well beyond the relationship and can jeopardize careers.

Extramarital affairs are not rare. Studies on Adultery Family Law have reported that upwards of 1 in every 5 adults have had extramarital sex. The rate might be even higher, however – because adultery is so stigmatized, many people do not respond to studies truthfully for fear of being found out. If this seems surprisingly common, remember that half of all marriages end in divorce.

Whether or not an extramarital affair ends in divorce, one within the workplace can lead to serious conflicts of interest. In cases where one participant in the affair has more power than the other, there will often be accusations of favoritism. This is especially true, of course, in cases where an employee receives a promotion or pay raise during an affair with his or her boss. Should the affair come to light, one or both employees could be let go.

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