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After a couple separates or divorces, the financial standing of one partner can often be significantly impacted. As a result, the other partner may be required to pay alimony or spousal support to help support their former spouse. However, the amount of support that one spouse may be required to pay to the other can vary substantially based on a wide range of factors, and in some circumstances, may even change over time due to altered circumstances.

In order to ensure that your rights and interests are fully protected when it comes to alimony, whether during the initial stages of a divorce or after the divorce has been finalized, it is essential to have a qualified legal professional on your side. At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we understand the impact alimony can have on our clients’ lives. As such, we believe it is important to enlist the support of a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer when dealing with any matter related to spousal support. Our Oceanside alimony attorneys are here to help you through this often-contentious process.

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Types of Alimony

Though two divorcing partners can choose to not pay each other alimony, many divorces involve the determination of alimony. As a result, many couples find themselves dealing with support-related issues.

Alimony can be temporary or permanent. Regardless of the type of alimony you are receiving or paying, you may be able to modify it if you can show that your situation requires a change.

When Is Spousal Support Awarded?

Spousal support is generally awarded in cases where one spouse is either the sole source of income or the main source of income in the marriage. However, income is not the only factor that will be taken into consideration by the courts.

There are many other factors that could impact a judge’s decision to award spousal support in a divorce, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Each party’s current income and ability to earn an income
  • The standard of living enjoyed by both spouses during the marriage
  • How long it will take for the lesser-earning spouse to gain financial independence
  • Each spouse’s ability to support themselves
  • The age and health of each spouse

Whether you are the one receiving or paying alimony, it is critical that you make sure the payments fit your needs and financial circumstances. Let Fischer & Van Thiel help you with come to a fair and favorable resolution.

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