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Divorce is rarely a simple matter, but when the spouses pursuing divorce are parents, it can become much more complicated. Child custody and visitation are among the most sensitive issues that can arise during a divorce. Finding a reasonable balance that respects the rights of both parents and protects the interests of the children can often be difficult. However, with the help of an experienced legal professional, finding a resolution for this issue can be much easier.

At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we know the importance of child custody and visitation agreements, and the damage it can cause if a person does not get the arrangement they want or feels is best for their children. For this reason, it is typically best to have a lawyer who is intimately familiar with family law and custody issues representing your interests. Our Oceanside child custody attorneys have the skill and experience needed to effectively resolve your case.

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The Different Types of Child Custody in California

Parents must understand the difference between legal and physical custody of a child. Legal custody refers to the parent’s authority to make decisions regarding how the child is raised.

This can include decisions such as:

  • Where the child goes to school
  • What type of healthcare he receives
  • What religion he practices

The court will either award shared legal custody – which means parents must make these decisions together – or sole custody, which means one parent has the authority to make these decisions on their own.

Physical custody refers to the child’s living arrangements. In a joint physical custody arrangement, the child will go back and forth between each parent’s home. The parents — or the court — will need to decide how to split the child’s time between the two parents. If sole physical custody is awarded, the child will live with one parent. The other parent will typically be awarded visitation with the child, but this parent will not spend as much time with the child as the other parent.

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Enforcing & Modifying Orders

Though establishing child custody and visitation agreements is integral to finalizing the divorce between parents, making sure it is reflective of their changing circumstances as time passes is also essential.

As such, many people find themselves needing legal help with:

  • Modifications to custody orders
  • Modifications to visitation agreements
  • Enforcing visitation agreements

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