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Getting Experienced Adoption HelpAdopting a child can be one of the most meaningful experiences in a person’s life. However, the adoption process can sometimes be long and complicated, and those trying to go through it on their own may encounter a range of obstacles. For this reason, many people turn to the help of a qualified adoption lawyer to help them work through these challenges.

At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we know that the adoption process can be frustrating, but the help of a qualified legal professional can streamline and simplify the steps prospective parents must go through. Additionally, with a legal professional’s help, you can focus more on preparing yourself and your family to bring a child home than the legal obstacles and frustrations you would otherwise have to deal with on your own.

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Types of Adoption

When a person or family wants to adopt a child, they actually have a number of different options to do so.

Typically, prospective parents look to adopt a child through:

  • Agency adoption
  • Private adoption
  • Step-parent adoption
  • Second-parent adoption
  • International adoption

The type of adoption you pursue will depend entirely on your preferences and your unique situation. Regardless of which you choose, however, it is best to have an experienced lawyer supporting you, as they can help you navigate the legal complexities and address any issues that arise.

Adoption vs. Guardianship

The first thing you’ll need to be sure of is that you really want a full legal adoption and not simply a legal guardianship. There is a clear and important distinction between these options.

When you adopt a child, it is a permanent arrangement and you assume full and total responsibility for the child until they reach the age of 18 years. Most importantly, the natural parents and/or any existing family relatives forfeit all responsibility for the child and any kind of say they would have in the raising of the child. The natural parents of the child also do not have to provide any kind of financial support for a child who is adopted by somebody else.

A guardianship is not always permanent, and the natural parents do not forfeit any of their parental rights or responsibilities. They may also have to provide financial support for the child, although there are potentially some situations where that may not be the case. A guardianship can be terminated if the natural parents apply to the court to have it terminated and the court agrees that it is in the best interest of the child to be returned to the natural parents. This isn’t normally possible when a child is adopted.

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