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Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Oceanside

Resolve Your Divorce through Mediation throughout Vista, Escondido, San Marcos, Carlsbad and Encinitas

Historically, ending a marriage usually meant a long trial with steep legal fees. But today, divorce mediation is an option that can save divorcing spouses time and money and help them avoid the frustrations of a courtroom trial. Mediation encourages divorcing spouses to cooperate and to avoid the emotional costs of a contested divorce trial.

At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we are experienced Oceanside divorce mediation attorneys who can advise you and guide you through the process. The benefits of divorce mediation – when compared against going to court – are considerable. Through mediation, you and your spouse – not a judge – can retain control.

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Resolving All Issues Along the Way

Through divorce mediation, both spouses can work together with the help of an impartial mediator to reach an agreement that will work for them.

Divorce mediation can help spouses resolve almost every aspect of the terms of their divorce, including:

What to Expect in the Divorce Mediation Process

During mediation, you and your spouse hire a neutral, certified, third-party mediator to help you resolve the disputes in the divorce. The mediator works to guide the divorcing partners toward a final divorce settlement that is fair and that satisfies both parties.

A divorce mediator cannot legally compel either party to do anything, so the success of any particular divorce mediation procedure depends on the voluntary and honest participation of both spouses. If one partner isn’t being forthright – or is simply stalling – it may be difficult to reach a fair, final divorce agreement. Mutual cooperation is the key to mediation.

When you work with a skilled Oceanside divorce mediation lawyer at Fischer & Van Thiel, you won’t have to search for a divorce mediator. Our attorneys can advise you regarding mediation and recommend a mediator. You’ll want to meet personally and in advance with any prospective mediator because it must be someone you are comfortable with and trust.

Successful divorce mediation requires both partners to be flexible and willing to compromise. Mediation offers divorcing partners an opportunity to dissolve their marriage with the respect and good will that they and their children truly deserve.

To learn more about divorce mediation or to get started, contact Fischer & Van Thiel at (760) 621-7101 to schedule a complimentary preliminary legal consultation.

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