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When a couple makes the decision to join their lives together through marriage, they rarely want to contemplate the possibility that the marriage might not be successful. However, particularly for individuals with substantial assets to their name, it may be important to take this possibility into account in order to protect themselves in the future. Prenuptial agreements can both help to provide a measure of security and also to remove a possible source of friction between partners.

With the help of a qualified legal professional, you can draft a prenuptial agreement that will fully protect your interests. At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we appreciate how important these agreements can be and the measure of peace and security they can provide. Let us help you draft this document today.

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Issues Addressed by Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements can be drafted in a way that can cover virtually any issue that may arise during the course of the marriage.

Many couples choose to include language about:

Whether you are looking to have a prenuptial agreement drafted for these or other reasons, having an experienced lawyer on your side can better ensure that you are protected in the future.

Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements

Many people think of prenuptial agreements as unromantic or negative, but in reality, these are practical documents that can benefit many couples if they ever get divorced.

By resolving issues related to property division and spousal support in advance, couples can avoid a messy divorce in the future. If everything is outlined in a prenuptial agreement, the divorce can be finalized quickly and without conflict. Not only can this help spouses stay friendly with one another after a divorce, but it can also significantly reduce the cost of a divorce.

Prenuptial agreements can also benefit each spouse financially. People who have a lot of assets can sign an agreement to ensure they do not lose a lot of them during their divorce. An agreement can also protect specific assets, such as family heirlooms or sentimental property. Protecting your finances is especially important if you have children from another marriage who you want to be able to continue to provide for after a divorce.

People who are not as financially stable as their soon-to-be spouse can still benefit from signing a prenuptial agreement, too. Anyone in this position can make sure the agreement includes spousal support terms so they are not in a bad financial state immediately after the divorce.

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