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Compassionate Domestic Violence. Ardent Legal Representation.

Providing Knowledgeable Guidance and Skilled Legal Representation in the Best Interest of Our Clients and Their families throughout the Domestic Violence Process.

For years, Southern California has been able to count on Fischer & Van Thiel, PC for all their Domestic Violence & Family Law needs. In addition to our Oceanside Law Office, our Family Law Firm Represents Service Area Clients in Camp PendletonNorth CountySan Marcos, Vista, and throughout the local San Diego County, California region.

Domestic Violence Lawyers Here to Help You

Domestic violence can be a difficult issue to confront on your own, but with the help of a qualified legal professional, you can get the protection you need.

Our Oceanside domestic violence lawyers at Fischer & Van Thiel, PC understand how challenging it is to deal with domestic violence and abuse, and as such, do what we can to get those in this situation the help and protection they need.

Call (760) 722-7646 right away if you are seeking protection from domestic violence.

Any relationship will inevitably encounter its ups and downs. However, in far too many cases, arguments and disputes between couples can turn violent, or one partner may have dangerously aggressive tendencies, such as sexual abuse and sexual assault, that lead to domestic violence issues and threaten the safety of others.

Regardless of the cause, domestic violence is a serious issue that cannot and should not be treated lightly.

It is often necessary for partners in abusive relationships to seek a restraining order or file domestic violence charges to protect themselves and their children from further harm.

How to Stop Harassment: The Types of Protective Orders

In the state of California, domestic violence victims can ask for various protective orders to stop the harassment and also keep their abuser as far away from them as possible.

Emergency Protective Orders

The first type is an emergency protective order, which can be issued anytime of the day or night. This order is issued when a law enforcement officer believes you are in immediate danger.

The officer will call a judge to protect you and request an emergency protective order. Although it goes into effect immediately, it only lasts for five business days or seven calendar days, whichever comes first.

Temporary & Permanent Restraining Orders

Apply for a permanent restraining order before the emergency protective order runs out. The hearing for the permanent order will probably not be for a few weeks, so you will need to ask the court to issue a temporary order that will protect you in the meantime.

These orders can provide immediate protection to victims of domestic abuse. Most orders require the abuser to move out of the family home and refrain from making any contact with you.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Finally, there is a domestic violence restraining order (DVRO). Domestic violence victims and their attorneys will need to attend a hearing to obtain this type of order.

During the hearing, the courts will listen to both sides before determining whether a permanent order should be issued. If it is issued, the order will remain in effect for up to five years. After five years have passed, the victim will need to request an extension.

The judge can either extend the order by five years or make the order permanent.

Filing for all of these protective orders is imperative, but it can be challenging for domestic violence victims who are overwhelmed with emotion.

Fortunately, our Domestic violence attorney in Oceanside is here to help victims get the restraining orders they need to keep their loved ones safe.

Seek Representation from Fischer & Van Thiel, PC

Are you a victim of domestic violence? Let our experienced domestic violence lawyer help you escape this dangerous situation. With several decades of combined experience, our law office has the legal resources and knowledge to overcome challenges in domestic violence cases.

Temporary Restraining Orders
Permanent Restraining Orders
Uncontested Divorces
Divorce Modifications

Mediated Divorces
Simplified Divorces
Same-Sex Divorces
Military Divorces

Seeking the advice of a can help you better understand the many complexities associated with obtaining a temporary or permanent restraining order to stop the abuse and help ensure that your domestic violence needs, including child custody and visitation rights and interests, are protected.

This may even require modifications for child custody or child visitation court orders to ensure enforceable child protection concerns are in place.  Know that Fischer & Van Thiel, PC is here to help you.

Experienced Domestic Violence Attorneys You Can Count On

Fischer & Van Thiel, PC provides over 57 Years of Combined Family Law Counsel Experience dedicated to Your Family throughout the Domestic Violence Process.

Domestic Violence is rarely a simple matter, but when spouses are pursuing divorce and there are children involved, it can become much more complicated.

Finding a reasonable balance that respects both parents’ rights and protects the children’s interests can often be difficult. However, with the help of an experienced legal professional, finding a resolution for this Domestic Violence issue can be much easier.

At Fischer & Van Thiel, PC, we know the importance of child welfare and the damage it can cause if a person does not get the arrangement they want or feel is best for their children.

For this reason, it is typically best to have a lawyer intimately familiar with family law, domestic violence, and Divorce issues representing your interests. Our Domestic Violence Attorneys have the skill and experience to effectively resolve your case, protect You and Your family’s interests, and ensure Restraining Order Enforcement Measures are in place.

Experienced Representation for Your Family Law Needs

At Fischer & Van Thiel, PC, we provide over 57 years of combined experience in family law, dedicated to supporting you and your family throughout the legal process. Some of the family law practice areas we specialize in include:

If you are facing any of these family law issues, contact us today for a consultation. Our experienced team is here to provide compassionate and effective legal representation for you and your family.

Partnering with the Best Domestic Violence Divorce Lawyers who have expert experience understand the Family Law Legal System in San Diego County, who is attentive to your family’s needs, is always your best Legal Strategy. Call at us at (760) 722-7646 or contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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"Friendly and knowledgeable — I highly recommend them!"

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