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Representing the Interests of Families in Vista

Divorce and other family law matters can involve complex legal issues and emotional factual scenarios. That combination makes it difficult for people to confront divorce or family law cases on their own. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to face a family law issue by yourself.

At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, our skilled Vista family lawyers have experience handling various family law issues, ranging from divorce to adoptions. Our legal team has dedicated much of their practice on family law matters, so you know you have a legal representative who has the focus and experience necessary to help you with your case.

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Comprehensive Family Law Representation

Most people think of divorce when it comes to family law litigation. However, the practice of family law has the potential to touch on specific parts of almost anyone’s life. From marriage, divorce, to adoptions, and child custody, a family law issue is likely to impact you and your family’s lives. As a result, you should be prepared to face potential family law issues by consulting an experienced family law attorney from Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP.

We can help you with the following family law matters:

  • Adoption: We can assist you with step-parent, agency, private, or international adoptions.
  • Alimony: Issues regarding spousal support require a deep understanding of California law.
  • Child custody: Courts will determine whether sole or joint legal or physical custody serves the best interests of your child.
  • Child support: We can help you address the issue of providing financial support for your children.
  • Civil harassment: Our attorneys can obtain a restraining order for you and your family’s protection.
  • Divorce: When you and your spouse dissolve your marriage, you may need legal representation on issues regarding alimony, property division, and child custody.
  • Domestic violence: We have experience representing victims and those accused of abuse.
  • Estate planning: Our legal team can help you secure your life’s worth of accumulated wealth to help ensure the financial security of those most important to you.
  • Juvenile court: From guardianship to juvenile dependency or delinquency, we can help you.
  • Paternity: We have experience establishing and disproving paternity claims.
  • Prenuptial agreements: A valid prenuptial agreement can help you save time and money in the future on issues regarding money and property.
  • Property division: We can help you navigate California’s complicated community property system to help you secure the property rights you deserve.

Consult a Vista Family Law Attorney from Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP

You should not have to bear the hardships of navigating the family law system and enduring the emotional burdens of your case alone. At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we are committed to protecting and preserving you and your family’s best interests. We can represent your rights during negotiations to help you find a mutual compromise that is fair to both you and the opposing party. However, if compromise is out of the picture, we a prepared to ardently advocate for you and your family’s rights.

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