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The perfect beach views, the most beautiful sunsets, and the best seafood are all reasons to visit Oceanside, California. We are going to share with you a few of our favorites.

Keep in mind that while the people of Oceanside enjoy luxury, beauty, and finery, their main fixture is great food. You may find some selections that you may not consider 5-star, but trust us, your opinion will change when you taste their menu.

333 Pacifics

This is where you will find wonderfully prepared steaks and succulent seafood. The view is fabulous, and the American style of food is always fresh and perfectly prepared. The menu even offers vegetarian selections. They accept reservations but call early to ensure a seat.

Rockin’ Baja

This Oceanside Harbor is very popular with visitors and locals. Reservations are accepted and the menu consists of authentic Mexican dishes, fresh seafood. They even have a vegetarian menu and a variety of gluten-free selections. No matter your food restrictions, there is something at Rockin’ Baja that will tickle your tastes buds.

Miramar Fish Tacos and Beer

This is a laid-back and casual Mexican restaurant that deserves your attention. The fish tacos are famous and they serve fresh smoked tuna. The beer is cold and the food is hot. What more can you wish for?

Vigilucci’s Seafood and Steakhouse

Vigilucci’s has it all.  They serve genuine Italian food, seafood, and select steaks. There are vegetarian and gluten-free menu selections that are simply fantastic. This restaurant earns high reviews and praise from patrons consistently.

Ty’s Burger House

This is a few blocks from the beach, so it is easy to find. Please note that there is usually a crowd. If you want a standard burger with some hot fries, this is the spot. If you want a gourmet wild-meat burger, you will find that too. The selections like a mac-n-cheeseburger or a pineapple burger are delicious and unusual treats. One thing’s for sure – Ty’s Burger House is where you go for great burgers. They even have selections for your meat-less burger friends.

Mary’s Family Restaurant

Mary’s Family Restaurant is good home-cooked food. The atmosphere is like being at home. These are proud American folks, serving fine American food, and at great prices.

Stratford At The Harbor

What could be better than having a wonderful American meal while sitting under an umbrella at the Oceanside Harbor? There are selections that anyone will enjoy and the food is made from scratch and there is plenty of it. If you only have a little while in Oceanside, be sure to grab a meal at Stratford’s.

There is no way we can list all of the wonderful restaurants, diners, bars, and cafes on this list. What we can tell you is that there is every kind of food you want to enjoy in this city. Asian, Thai, Barbeque, Japanese, Italian, and more. If you want a candle-lit seafood meal overlooking the sea, it is here. If you want to watch a master chef at an Oyster Bar, you will find that too. Just do yourself a favor and come for a visit. Just make sure to bring your appetite.

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