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The Divorce Process Can be Difficult on Foster Children & Families 

Sometimes home life becomes so difficult for children that the best course of action is to remove them from their parents and into the care of the state. Although it is rarely desirable to remove a child from his or her parents, the dangers of staying with them can sometimes outweigh the benefits. In cases like these, the United States has implemented a system of state-certified caregivers, colloquially known as “foster parents,” to temporarily take care of children who are facing such difficult times.

Some couples choose to take on foster children as a way of helping the community. Foster parents must submit to an assessment of all the members of their household and must take training classes; in addition, foster parents are paid some amount of money by the state to offset the cost of taking care of foster children. Because successful foster care depends on a stable home environment, a couple with foster children who choose to get a divorce should plan their steps carefully.

Divorces can easily lead to very stressful home life, both for the couple getting divorced and for anyone who lives with them. Since this can lead to a less than ideal situation for foster care, it may in some cases be necessary to pass the foster children on to another home. Careful planning and open dialog can make most divorces peaceful, as can the assistance of a lawyer. By working with a lawyer, you can find an arrangement that works for both of you and your foster children.

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