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Nothing about divorce law or other family law divisions is ever easy according to our child custody attorneys. California laws allow flexibility in providing the best solution for the family as a whole, but it’s always better if the parties involved can come to an agreement without the court’s intervention.

Any kind of child custody agreement can be memorialized in court documents and often, that’s the only time the courts become involved. Naturally, this is the best option.

When both parents are willing to work towards a shared goal of minimizing trauma to their children and to one another, the smoother the transition is for their little ones and themselves.

Child Custody Mediation has become one of the preferred options in these matters in recent years and for good reason.

California Child Custody Mediation

Oceanside California Courts, along with each party’s legal representation, come together to resolve problems or disagreements as they pertain to the custody of the minor children. Each side meets with an approved mediator, usually appointed by a judge, who will then assist in creating the best parenting plan.

It is not uncommon for the children’s preferences to be included as an important contribution that will play a role in where they spend their time. The settings in mediation are far different than a more formal courtroom and it’s more private.

A parenting plan is created with everyone’s input and it allows for the child’s voice to be heard. A few of the goals of child custody mediation include working to find the best situation for the children – including determining the best schools.

Another goal is to find a way for parents to remain proactive and recognize that they still share a common bond of wanting what’s best for the little ones.

Mediation can provide valuable tools that can be used to keep discussions from becoming battles.

It’s about finding a way for both parents to be in their children’s lives without the anxiety that often accompanies those times when physical custody changes hands for the weekend or other visits.

Substance Abuse and Child Custody in Oceanside

There are times when other things must occur before mediation can even be considered. Oceanside California Law recognizes the necessity of supervised visitations in some families.

These can be stressful for all involved, but these supervised visits eventually go away once the relationship dynamics within the family improve.

For instance, when there is substance abuse by either parent, the courts might determine supervised visitation is what’s best, especially if children were exposed to the consequences of addiction. They too must learn to find ways to trust their loved ones.

Domestic Violence and Child Custody Issues

Domestic Violence is one of society’s most challenging issues.

It’s naïve for parents to assume their children never hear heated arguments become physical and the longer the abuse occurs within the home, the greater the odds of serious emotional trauma.

These family problems affect the way a judge awards child custody in Oceanside and throughout California.

Substance abuse and domestic violence enforcement actions may not be a good dynamic within the meditation space, but when all parties are focused on what’s best for the children and the most beneficial child custody arrangement is a priority, solutions can always be found.

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