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The name Oceanside takes our minds to white sand beaches, sea and surf, and all things water sports-related. Oceanside, California is all of those things and there is an entire city built around that image. Oceanside is the kind of place where people live good and their kids grow up happy and healthy.

This is why Oceanside also has miles of beautiful parks. Parks where families can spend the day having fun and people can bond with their neighbors. Let us share some of these beautiful parks with you. When you visit Oceanside, look past the beach and see the other blessings of nature that we offer you.

Mance Buchanon Park

This is a fantastic park for families, sports teams, and people who just love nature. The park is 29 acres wide. There is a multipurpose field where you will see people playing football, baseball, having cheerleading practice, and more. You will see people flying kites in the air, playing frisbee, and even operating drones or radio-control vehicles. There are ample picnic areas with drinking fountains and parking is easily available.

The park has lots of benches, restrooms, and trash receptacles to keep the area neat. The lights come on automatically at dusk, so feel free to relax at the picnic tables and have your dinner.

Everything is maintained and kept clean and it is away from the main road, so you can feel free to let your kids run without worry.

Buddy Todd Park

This park has a beautiful panoramic view. In 1946, the park adopted the name, Buddy Todd Park, after John “Buddy” Todd. Mr. Todd was the first resident of Oceanside that gave his life for his country during World War II. The park spans 19 acres of land.

This park appeals to all types of visitors. The mark has a multipurpose field for sports, it also has:

  1. Barbeque grills
  2. Football areas
  3. Picnic tables
  4. Restrooms
  5. Drinking fountains
  6. Trash bins
  7. Play areas
  8. Playground equipment
  9. Volleyball courts
  10. Various walking trails
  11.  Some benches in the walking areas where you can view the sea

Hosp Grove Park

This is a great little park if you want quiet and not a lot of people. It has limited parking, and a nice playground, with equipment for the little ones. There are walking trails for every skill level. The trail that winds through the Eucalyptus tree grove rises to an elevation of 100 feet. You not only enjoy this incredible, natural aroma, but there are also spots where you can see the ocean. It is educational, beautiful, safe, and peaceful.

Other beautiful and wonderfully equipped parks include:

  • Luiseño Park
  • Capistrano Park
  • Guajome Regional Park
  • Buccaneer Beach Park
  • Joseph Carrasco Park

There are often shows, contests, events, races, biking, and performances that take place in the various parts of Oceanside. For more information on these events, or if you would like to inquire about hosting an event or fundraiser in one of the parks, you can visit the park commission website here.  We hope you will enjoy your time in Oceanside and will return for many future adventures.

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