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Guiding Parents Through Challenging Family Law Issues

Child custody and visitation are the most sensitive issues that can arise during a divorce. As parents separate, it can be challenging to make a custody or visitation agreement that accommodates both parents. It is often difficult to find a balance that respects the rights of both parents while protecting the interests of the children. However, an experienced child custody lawyer can find a resolution and guide parents through an agreement.

Our San Marcos child custody lawyers know the process of developing a child custody agreement is emotionally overwhelming. Our attentive attorneys guide parents through this challenging process to effectively resolve their case. The result is an agreement that meets the needs of your child while remaining fair to you.

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Types of Child Custody in California

It is vital for parents to know the difference between legal and physical custody. Legal custody refers to the parent’s authority to make decisions regarding the child. Important decisions a parent can make include where the child goes to school, the type of healthcare they will receive, and the type of religion they will practice. On the other hand, physical custody refers to the child’s location and where they will live and spend their time.

Physical and legal custody can be shared or given to one individual:

  • Shared Custody: Authority given to both parents to make decisions together about a child.
  • Sole Custody: Authority given to one parent to make decisions for their child.

Enforcing & Modifying Orders

Establishing child custody and visitation agreements are important for the well-being of your child. The court recognizes that both parents should be in a child’s life, barring danger or abuse. However, it is just as important for these agreements to be modified or enforced due to changing circumstances in each parent’s life.

Changing circumstances include:

  • If one parent wants to move away
  • If one parent has gotten a new job requiring frequent travel
  • If one parent starts exhibiting harmful or destructive behavior

Child custody or visitation agreements are court-ordered, meaning they can be enforced by the court’s authority. If your spouse is violating the custody agreement, you can ask the court to enforce the order on your behalf. Speak with our child custody lawyers in San Marcos to learn about your legal options. If you need family law assistance with child custody agreements or with enforcing or modifying agreements, we are here to help.

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