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Prenuptial Agreements Providing Knowledgeable Guidance and Skilled Representation

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Marriage is a commitment that requires a significant amount of planning and thought. Though no one wants to think about divorce as their marriage begins, couples should always make plans for that possibility. Prenuptial agreements help provide security and clear boundaries before marriage and reduce friction.

Our San Marcos prenuptial agreement attorneys are ready to help you draft a reliable and enforceable prenuptial agreement. Our experienced family law lawyers have seen how important these agreements are to a person’s future, and we help clients craft agreements that will protect their assets for the rest of their lives.

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What Issues Do Prenuptial Agreements Solve?

A thorough prenuptial agreement will address possible issues that may arise during a divorce. While no couple plans on marriage ending, prenuptial agreements can provide both parties with the confidence that their assets remain in their possession. It can also provide for a smoother and more cost-effective divorce in the future.

Prenuptial agreements accomplish the following key tasks:

  • Debt protection
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Division of property
  • Estate and probate issues
  • Protection of intellectual property

Our San Marcos Family Law Lawyers Are Ready to Help at (760) 621-7101

Unfortunately, prenuptial agreements have garnered a reputation for being unromantic. However, they should be viewed as a responsible step taken by two adults who are prepared for the worst. No one wants to experience an earthquake, but that’s not an argument against buying earthquake insurance. Prenuptial agreements can resolve highly-contested issues before they exist and help to ensure a smoother divorce.

The drafting stage for a prenuptial agreement requires legal help. If done properly, prenuptial agreements will cover enough issues to make divorce a simpler, dispute-free process. Prenuptial agreements help spouses who already have a considerable amount of assets by guaranteeing neither will lose their property in a divorce.

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