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Divorce is one of the most monumental changes you will ever experience in life. While many find it challenging to adjust to a whole new life, others can’t wait to start a fresh chapter without their ex-spouse. If you had a contentious marriage or divorce, you may be excited to shed every part of your life with your ex-partner, starting with your last name.

Taking on your spouse’s name is a respected tradition, but with divorce less stigmatized in today’s world, many people question whether they should keep their marital name after the marriage is over. This can be a conflicting decision despite being purely a legality, especially depending on specifics of your situation. Revoking your ex’s last name and going back to the one you had prior carries severe emotional implications which should be addressed before you take this step.

Here are a few things to consider when changing your last name after divorce:

  • If you share children together, you may take pause before changing your name. Having a new last name may not only confuse your children in an already difficult transition, but it may be awkward in social interactions, such as at school or the doctor’s office.
  • If your reason behind changing your name is because you are desperate to separate yourself from your ex, this decision may not do much cut off emotional ties. In fact, you may get bound up in years of legal paperwork and complications. However, if you feel getting your old name back will truly be a healthy decision for you to regain a sense of independence, pursue it by all means.
  • If you were once known by your married name and changing it will significantly impact recognition in your career, you may reconsider.
  • There is no shame in feeling comfortable with your married name and not wanting to change your identity. So much changes during a divorce, and it is okay to want to keep one thing stable.
  • While it may seem like a tedious process, if your divorce decree stated you have the option to change your name back, it can be very easy. A trip to the DMV, the social security office, and a few phone calls later, and you will have your name back.

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