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There are several often-overlooked benefits of Mediated Divorces. Divorce can be a complicated process to go through, especially for couples who have been together for many years and have a number of issues, such as property division and child custody, to work out.

In many cases, a wide range of family law legal issues need to be resolved before a divorce can be finalized, and doing so through the court system can be a lengthy, stressful process.

However, mediated divorce provides couples with an alternative choice that can be extremely beneficial to both partners emotionally and financially.

Mediated Divorce is not the right choice for every couple. For couples whose relationship has been marred by domestic violence, those who are deeply split on important issues such as child custody or spousal support, or even simply those who harbor deep-seated anger towards their partner, mediation typically is not the best option.

However, for some couples, it can prove enormously helpful in keeping the settlement process between the couple, out of the hands of the Judge, and may even increase communication interactions after the divorce is final.

A Mediated Divorce Has Real Benefits Over Court Litigation

Mediation involves both spouses working with a third-party mediator, an unbiased, objective participant who helps both partners to reach an agreement about the various issues requiring resolution in order to create an equitable divorce agreement. Mediation typically has a number of important benefits of mediated divorce, including:

  • Reduced Cost (40-60% Less Expensive than Litigation)
  • Alimony (Spousal Support) can be Negotiated vice Court Ordered
  • Child Support can be Negotiated
  • Child Visitation can be Negotiated
  • It is Private (Confidential – Not in an Open Court Room)
  • It is Generally Less Stress of all the Family Members Involved
  • The Process is More Flexible and Usually Quicker
  • Marital Property Division: All property acquired by either spouse during the marriage is subject to division upon divorce and can be Negotiated vice Court Ordered.

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These are just some of the benefits that mediation can offer couples seeking a divorce. If you are considering divorce, starting with mediation legal services may be the right option for everyone.

Partnering with a Top Marital Property Division Divorce Lawyer who has the expert experience to understand the Divorce Family Law Legal System in San Diego County, who is attentive to your family’s needs, is always your best Legal Strategy. Call Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP at (760) 722-7646 or contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation. We’re here to help “Ready to Mediate”.